NORBOO means “precious” or “jewel” in Tibetan

and is a pilot project developed by eRui Design.

  • Why?

    From the beginning we wanted to turn our hobbies and talents into a profitable business not only to support ourselves but to help the community to develop also, mostly by training young people in different practical skills.

    And more than that, we wanted to help communities in remote area, teaching them how to use the resources they have and create original, high quality tourist products.

  • How?

    Norboo wants to introduce into the high-end gift market a fusion between western design, techniques and materials and the richness of different Chinese minorities designs, colors and patterns.

    Norboo maintains originality of design and quality of skills to turn bulk, inexpensive fabrics and materials into high-end artworks which can bring high prices.

Few products designed by us