Web design and development

  • WordPress

    WordPress powers nearly a quarter of new sites today It is the content management system (CMS) of choice for more than two thirds of the top million sites making it the most popular on the web. The system is trusted by content publishers both large and small including CNN and the NY Times. With more than 50 million sites globally and eight years of proven history, you know you’re getting the best software for the job.

  • User-friendly

    WordPress is intuitive and extremely easy to use out of the box. If you are familiar with any text editor (MicrosoftWord for example), you should be able to update or write new content on your website without much effort. Even for more complex and heavily customized websites we try our best to create user-friendly workflows and keep different tasks as straightforward as possible. We provide a detailed User Manual and offer free training for all the websites we build.

  • Scalable

    WordPress can be easily extended and customized through plugins from a personal Portfolio to full enterprise website. We can help you add new features to your existing website and develop it according to your business growth.

  • Responsive

    Long gone are the times when websites had a fixed width. Our themes are built on cutting-edge technology so your websites adjust to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop). We make sure that the right content is delivered for each device so you can have the best experience no matter how and where you access the website.